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“When the body is determined as a male or female individual, the body performs gender as its score, guided by a set of rules and requirements that validate and verify the humanity of that individual. A body that pushes back at the application of pronouns or remains indecipherable within binary assignment, is a body that refuses to perform the score. This nonperformance is a glitch. This glitch is a form of refusal.

Legacy Russel, Glitch Feminism

 / sound for  unconstrained  fantasies 

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a diagnostic instrument of a political vision, a longing that is critical, collective, relational to historically situated struggles

queer utopia:

an ideality that is outside the present, a waiting room-turned horizon imbued with potentiality

Nina Wakeford, Love girls (Bev's Nighthawk 650), 2017, Bronze, Kandy car paint, 22x18cm

renay roussou
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