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like the fluctuating breeze, our collective operates intermittently — that is to say, we dwell in uncertainty, precarity and plasticity. 


our mission is informed by our experience of the local. we share the unequivocally political vision of a decolonised, united and multicultural cyprus. we are looking for anti-racist, pro-migrant, queer, feminist assemblages of thought, not pillars of truth.


we aim to:

🌬 provide grounds for open thinking through expressive tools and visual language, where ideas and concepts can grow uninhibited. 

🌬 formulate a sense of collective citizenship through the space of recontextualisation. 

🌬 consider critical pedagogies of collective resistance against contemporary neoliberal structures. 


in the pursuit of interdisciplinarity, collective research and action, we can generate a network of relations that services the need for imaginative speculation and fluid experimentation. this space for critique, refusal and speculation is productive in bringing marginal discourse to the foreground.


history is a fluid force, a question of fantasy. it is neither fixed nor set in stone. mediated truths are embodied, fragmented and malleable, antagonising the power relations that reproduce nationalism, militarism and surveillance.

a breeze makes itself felt, be it arbitrarily, even in the most asphyxiating temperatures; a reminder that humidity is not always impenetrable.


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our online platform aims to encourage cultural debate while providing grounds for new networks to evolve beyond trikoupi street.  

occupying a physical space in nicosia's historic trikoupi street, endrosia was launched in 2018 as an artist-run project space.

endrosia facilitates interdisciplinary exhibitions and events relating to visual arts, performance and music, whilst operating as our studio.

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/Alexandros Xenophontos


/Andreas Andronikou

/Doris Mari Demetriadou

spatial practitioner

visual artist

multidisciplinary artist &

creative communicator


the collective


/Irini Khenkin

curator &

interdisciplinary artist

/Marina Ashioti

writer &

interdisciplinary artist

/Niki Charalambous

media studies



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endrosia welcomes proposals from practitioners across all disciplines. please get in touch at if you wish to exhibit work, submit a pitch, make a contribution, or become a resident.

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